City lights, starry nights.
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Sorry will never be enough… you aren’t for me stay over there and never speak to me… I’m missing you and your missing another bitch I’m not gonna OD over someone like that… I admit I miss you I tried to accept you with all your flaws.. I boosted your bum ass ego.. you claim your love was a blessing I never believed so…it’s crazy how a nigga can talk a lot of hype and not be about what he’s saying tho… I let you hit I fucked up so… I rather just stop trying to be faithful instead of blowing my brains out I rather be a hoe… bump you and anything you stand for.. you are only a genuine asshole and not even worthy of the pedestal I put you on… fuck you and everything you stand for…

If you leave someone at least tell them why, because what’s more painful than being abandoned; is knowing you’re not worth an explanation. (via astronomized)

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Life’s what you make it… my dreams are better than reality… I’m goofy, silly, sensitive, and I over think sometimes… I find beauty inside someone rather than looking at the outside… my hearts been broken and I’ve been shut down and insecure… I stay positive and help anyone I can emotionally… cause I know what it’s like to hurt so bad you feel you could die of a broken heart… life keeps moving no matter how bad you wanna stop or go back… it might get boring so you might need a small escape.. dreams are the best reality…they bring me back and help me realize life can be great. I love hard and miss him most bug I wasn’t good enough so it’s time to let him go… I believe I’m beautiful… attractive. . And full of potential… I would be a great girlfriend but my looks apparently hold me back.. but that’s okay I love me.. that’s all that matters now… I Make me smile and happy… me not you…. I won’t be lonely anymore I have me now.. and she’s fucking gnarly!!! no makeup
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Lianne La Havas.
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"Springtime Moon"
Artist: Silvia Duran